Sunday, 22 January 2012

Candles - current love..

This may seem to be a rather un-beauty-related first post, however I thought it of use to share with you my love of Salt City Candles. Now being an Aussie girl, these candles are indeed Australian made however well worth a look in. Since stumbling across this brand I have well and truely been converted. The intriguing (at least to me) aspect of these candles is that they are made up of three layers, each possessing a unique combination of fragrances. My obsession is 'mountain vinyard' which could be described as unbearably sweet smelling, however I do not know too many beauty-lovers who aren't at least partial to such a thing.. it is described as smelling of woody grape, wine, fruity floral, 'fir', vanilla and green leaf. I also enjoy Lime Twist which is lovely and fresh. Overall, I feel as though this product is not all that well known however satisfied a desperate need for a candle that actually smelt pleasing but did not cost an arm and a leg.. prices range from $27.95 - $47.95. 

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