Friday, 29 June 2012

Outfit of the day; off to work

Hey all, just a quick post; I thought I would show you some of the pieces country road, the brand I work for has and perhaps you may be interested. Unfortunately they only ship within Australia but if you're an Aussie.. woohoo!
I wasn't asked to do this by any means I just thought it might be fun!

Please excuse the photography.. it leaves a lot to be desired hahaha (sorry mum)
Top and pants by country road; boots by steve madden.
Necklace; diva.



Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Thrifty tip..

Now, if you can't already tell I love a good bargain. I detest spending huge amounts of $$ on things I feel, do not deserve it. No, I will not spend $200 on a sock. Therefore, I thought I would start a bit of a series where I show you little pieces I have picked up (usually dupes) for a quarter of the price!
To begin, I love wildfox. I think their designs are so cute and wearable however their prices are quite ridiculous.
I found this dupe of the wildfox smiley face sweater.

The quality is very nice and it only cost a total of AU$11.85 (including shipping). The material is somewhat thin, however really soft.
It is so similar to the real thing :)

If you are interested, I found it here:

It comes in one size and I would say it would fit anyone ranging from a size 6-14 (AU). If you are not within this range you could always wear it a little higher with something underneath.



DIY makeup stool!

Hi all!

I've spent the last few days absorbed by a little DIY project- a makeup stool.
I picked up the stool from a garage/yard sale for $2.00! and have made it my mission to make it look presentable!

This is the stool before.. I had already removed the last cushion before this photo was taken as it was very dirty and the foam inside was disintegrating, haha.
I decided to paint it white as the décor of my bedroom is pastels and whites; as I do my makeup in my bedroom it made sense.
Phase 1! It is difficult to see in this photo but at this stage it definitely needed a second coat.. the metal was still showing through. I didn't add any photos of myself painting as I always did it first thing in the morning and that's not a pretty sight lol!
Phase 2! Again, difficult to see in this photo but the metal was basically all covered up when this dried. yay! 
I used left over material we had from a patchwork quilt my mother had made me for the cushion cover. I love the little birdies! 
I visited a local thrift store and picked up a foam cushion for $3 (if I am remembering correctly!) I then took to it with an electric knife and cut it in half as it was very thick, ha ha ha
Progress! I cut out enough squares to fit the top of the foam cushion and sewed those together. I then made a border of another fabric to line the squares and finally a larger border to wrap under the cushion (sew this altogether). 
I used a staple gun to staple the material onto the wooden board that came with the original foam cushion (so you don't go straight through onto the ground ;p). I tried to staple it on as neatly as possible.. almost as if I was wrapping a gift :)
Tada! i screwed the wooden board onto the frame (the screws came with the original stool) and it was all done!

Hope you enjoyed this little diy project.. was very inexpensive and very fun to do! Hopefully you may have gotten some inspiration and ideas for yourself.



Monday, 25 June 2012

Ebay jewellery haul

I am forever receiving packages in the post with little goodies that I have ordered from ebay and therefore I thought I would share a few of my recent jewellery purchases :) I nearly always opt for free postage from ebay (usually the Australian ebay) and thus the cost of the items I pick up is very low. I also check the seller feed back and rating to ensure an easy transaction. There is nearly always dupes to be found for brands such as wildfox, house of harlow etc and although the quality is not usually as good as the real deal, if you are likely to get sick of your jewellery or just want to join in with a style trend then Ebay may be for you..  perhaps this post may give you some ideas and perhaps you may treat yourself!

Bracelet: $ US2.07 (including postage!)
Found here:

Wildfox 'inspired' bracelet: US$1.29 (US$2.99 postage)
Found here:

This item is not technically jewellery however I would class it as hair jewellery..
Hair cuff: AU$3.42 (including postage)
Found here:

Sixty of these rings arrived in the mail.. don't ask. Soon after ordering them I realised they were made for the purpose of gluing things onto them, however at the time I just thought the ring on it's own was nice, haha!. This may turn into a little project; however there is no guarantee I will succeed! I'll keep you updated !
Ring (60 pieces..) : AU$4.99 (including postage)
Found here:

That's all for now, however there will be many more of these style hauls to come.. how can you resist with prices like these!



Sunday, 24 June 2012

Thrift store mini-haul

Long time no post..
Since my last attempt at blogging was an epic fail I thought I would try and give it another go!
To start off with I thought I would do a tiny 'thrift shop'/ op? shop hall as I find these fun to do and hopefully this lazy post will ease me into writing..! Recently I have been somewhat re-decorating my bedroom and found that I was lacking in storage for jewellery and make up. I visited three local thrift stores and picked up a few cute items for this purpose and for decorating. I spent a total of $5.50 (AUS dollars) so one can't complain about that.. Thrift stores I find are a great place to find unique and cheap items for home décor that can't be found anywhere else. In addition, If your style involves oldy-worldy accents, as mine does, you may be luckier than others at finding treasures :) However, without further ado, here are the items I picked up:

Crystal bowl: $1.00 :)

Heart jewelley holder: $3.00

A white bowl! : $1.50.
Now I realise photographing a white bowl may seem odd, however I think that food bowls can actually be great storage. This was so inexpensive and fits in nicely with the white décor of my bedroom. It's clean, classic and understated and i'd rather spend $1.50 on a white bowl than $5 on a plastic container to store my makeup/jewellery.

Hope you all enjoyed , this blog was rather short however I will put great effort into blogging often and hopefully some of what I write about may be of some interest :) haha