Sunday, 15 July 2012

11 random facts!

Hi all,

Thought I'd just share a little bit about myself this evening
Hope you're all well!

1. I live in Western Australia. Aussie Aussie Aussie!
2. I was a vegetarian for 10 years, I love animals more than anything.
3. I'm currently studying psychology and I love it.
4. I love doing little DIY projects. Nothing crazy, just adding personal touches to the décor of a room is fun!
5. One of my favourite actresses is Liv Tyler. I think she is absolutely stunning and I am a little obsessed with Lord of the Rings.. oh to be an elf.. hahah just joking

6. I love watching YouTube videos.. no surprises here! I love beauty and fashion and I love watching people talk about it!
7. I would love to live in New York for some time of my life. Very cliché yes but don't we all want the same things really?
8. I hope to have children one day.. I love kids , they melt my heart!
9. I'm a bit of an insomniac.. I don't enjoy sleeping.. is that strange? Yes.
10.My favourite movie is Donnie Darko. Again, probably no surprises here. If you have not seen this movie I strongly urge you to! Yes, it is considered a thriller so don't watch it with your children, but if you're into strange/ psychologically interesting movies you will love it!

11. My favourite colour is pink.....  (can you tell I'm running out of ideas)




  1. Hi Bridget, I like your sincerity list.

    I share your wish with living in NYC for a while. Liv Tyler is one of my favorite actresses.
    I believe she has a rare kind of natural beauty.
    I'm also a fan of DIY projects. I like to reuse zippers to do jewellery pieces...
    I also love kids. I have a beautiful 3 years old baby boy. He is my life.

    We have a few things in common. I'm your follower via bloglovin.

    I would be honored if you could check out my blog too and maybe follow each other.

    1. how lovely! thankyou so much, I will definitely have a look at your blog! love xx

  2. Hi Bridget,

    Im a veggie too
    I have 2 children aged (boy)8 and (girl)5..they are my life
    I love fashion and everything related to the beauty industry
    Im shopaholic, I love experimenting and prefer clothes that suit my mood.

    1. how nice, thankyou for sharing :) keep in touch xx

  3. like you you're doing Bridget!

    if you'd like check out my blog I'm hosting a little give away


  4. Hey there,
    I'll have to admit that I was a little freaked out by Donnie Darko after the first time I've seen it but now it's one of my favorites too, haha
    Just did a questionnaire about myself today!