Monday, 25 June 2012

Ebay jewellery haul

I am forever receiving packages in the post with little goodies that I have ordered from ebay and therefore I thought I would share a few of my recent jewellery purchases :) I nearly always opt for free postage from ebay (usually the Australian ebay) and thus the cost of the items I pick up is very low. I also check the seller feed back and rating to ensure an easy transaction. There is nearly always dupes to be found for brands such as wildfox, house of harlow etc and although the quality is not usually as good as the real deal, if you are likely to get sick of your jewellery or just want to join in with a style trend then Ebay may be for you..  perhaps this post may give you some ideas and perhaps you may treat yourself!

Bracelet: $ US2.07 (including postage!)
Found here:

Wildfox 'inspired' bracelet: US$1.29 (US$2.99 postage)
Found here:

This item is not technically jewellery however I would class it as hair jewellery..
Hair cuff: AU$3.42 (including postage)
Found here:

Sixty of these rings arrived in the mail.. don't ask. Soon after ordering them I realised they were made for the purpose of gluing things onto them, however at the time I just thought the ring on it's own was nice, haha!. This may turn into a little project; however there is no guarantee I will succeed! I'll keep you updated !
Ring (60 pieces..) : AU$4.99 (including postage)
Found here:

That's all for now, however there will be many more of these style hauls to come.. how can you resist with prices like these!




  1. Nice jewelry!

  2. I never ordered anything with ebay before...didn't even know that new products are being sold there too! :)

    Cute blog, I see you're only starting out, just like wanna follow each other maybe?


  3. yeah ebay can be great, you just need to be picky :) and thankyou! will definitely be following you :) x

  4. Great finds love the hair elastic!
    ps. If you'd like we could follow each other :)

  5. you got some awesome pieces! i always forget about ebay!

    Xo Megan

  6. I love every single one of them, going to have a look on Ebay thanks! x

    1. fantastic! thankyou for stopping by :) xx

  7. Oh wow great accessories you got there !! Love the studded one :)

  8. Ooh these are such good buys, I love ebay just bought a gorgeous wishbone necklace from there for 99p can't beat it!