Sunday, 24 June 2012

Thrift store mini-haul

Long time no post..
Since my last attempt at blogging was an epic fail I thought I would try and give it another go!
To start off with I thought I would do a tiny 'thrift shop'/ op? shop hall as I find these fun to do and hopefully this lazy post will ease me into writing..! Recently I have been somewhat re-decorating my bedroom and found that I was lacking in storage for jewellery and make up. I visited three local thrift stores and picked up a few cute items for this purpose and for decorating. I spent a total of $5.50 (AUS dollars) so one can't complain about that.. Thrift stores I find are a great place to find unique and cheap items for home décor that can't be found anywhere else. In addition, If your style involves oldy-worldy accents, as mine does, you may be luckier than others at finding treasures :) However, without further ado, here are the items I picked up:

Crystal bowl: $1.00 :)

Heart jewelley holder: $3.00

A white bowl! : $1.50.
Now I realise photographing a white bowl may seem odd, however I think that food bowls can actually be great storage. This was so inexpensive and fits in nicely with the white décor of my bedroom. It's clean, classic and understated and i'd rather spend $1.50 on a white bowl than $5 on a plastic container to store my makeup/jewellery.

Hope you all enjoyed , this blog was rather short however I will put great effort into blogging often and hopefully some of what I write about may be of some interest :) haha




  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. Love the DIY stool! Following you now..

  2. your blog is so cute. love the background, and wishing you all the best. you'll find some amazing bloggers and readers. :) i am your first follower on bloglovin! :) followed on google also. :) hoping you can connect with me on both, and have a great day!

    1. wow thankyou so much you are so lovely! following you also! I checked out your blog and love it :) talk soon xx

  3. Love the heart jewlery holder!!! really cute :)