Wednesday, 27 June 2012

DIY makeup stool!

Hi all!

I've spent the last few days absorbed by a little DIY project- a makeup stool.
I picked up the stool from a garage/yard sale for $2.00! and have made it my mission to make it look presentable!

This is the stool before.. I had already removed the last cushion before this photo was taken as it was very dirty and the foam inside was disintegrating, haha.
I decided to paint it white as the d├ęcor of my bedroom is pastels and whites; as I do my makeup in my bedroom it made sense.
Phase 1! It is difficult to see in this photo but at this stage it definitely needed a second coat.. the metal was still showing through. I didn't add any photos of myself painting as I always did it first thing in the morning and that's not a pretty sight lol!
Phase 2! Again, difficult to see in this photo but the metal was basically all covered up when this dried. yay! 
I used left over material we had from a patchwork quilt my mother had made me for the cushion cover. I love the little birdies! 
I visited a local thrift store and picked up a foam cushion for $3 (if I am remembering correctly!) I then took to it with an electric knife and cut it in half as it was very thick, ha ha ha
Progress! I cut out enough squares to fit the top of the foam cushion and sewed those together. I then made a border of another fabric to line the squares and finally a larger border to wrap under the cushion (sew this altogether). 
I used a staple gun to staple the material onto the wooden board that came with the original foam cushion (so you don't go straight through onto the ground ;p). I tried to staple it on as neatly as possible.. almost as if I was wrapping a gift :)
Tada! i screwed the wooden board onto the frame (the screws came with the original stool) and it was all done!

Hope you enjoyed this little diy project.. was very inexpensive and very fun to do! Hopefully you may have gotten some inspiration and ideas for yourself.




  1. Came out great! What a good idea. Love your blog & thanks for checking mine out and commenting!

  2. love this, i actually saw something like this at Ross yesterday and almost snagged it!

    now following :D

    Xo Megan

  3. so cool!! love out it turned out!

  4. so cute! It turned out great! Thanks for checking out my blog! I'm following you now, if you like my blog follow back!:)

  5. Very cool!!